In addition to producing the hottest festivals and artistic events in the city of Accra, we run tours year-round.

We offer comprehensive tours for visitors to Ghana. Tours are arranged on flexible prepaid monthly plans.


Experience West Africa like never before.

The official 2017 CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival Tour gives you an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience of the festival with special access to the artists as they prepare works, including an artist mixer, jam sessions, art talks, studio and gallery tours.

From Ghana’s seductive beaches, to the bustling markets filled with spices, fabrics, beads and crafts, to historic forts, museums and neighborhoods, a popping nightlife, and deliciously abundant dishes and ice-cold drinks – the ACCRA [dot] ALT Tours knows culture and we got you covered.

Chale, We Live History Out Loud.


Tour packages include:

  • Spacious living accommodations with air-conditioned single or double bedrooms and internet access
  • In-country transportation including airport pickup and drop-off
  • A number of inclusive meals and snacks, including continental breakfast, lunch and gourmet dinners
  • All tour attraction costs
  • Private art events such as concerts, cultural exhibits, informative lectures and interactive workshops
  • Professional photographs and short videos that will be made available to you following your trip.





In addition to popular sites of interest, our team works to find cool places and activities that will offer a unique perspective of the country. There is a lot to see and do in Ghana and our goal is to expose you to something new and exhilarating. The tours are planned to meet the needs of each traveler.

Our team in Accra coordinates with ACCRA [dot] ALT ALT Tour organizers internationally to produce a package that suits your particular travel needs. We conduct tours all year round and special tours in during August (CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival) and December (Sabolai Radio Music Festival). We have flexible travel timetables to accommodate travel schedules from 1 to 6 weeks. ACCRA [dot] ALT Tours can manage groups of 10 to 50.



ACCRA [dot] ALT provides travel arrangements for individual or small group tours. For 1-9 persons, we will arrange your lodging, meals, transportation needs, washing and cleaning services, and a comprehensive tour attraction schedule.

For visitors in the Arts, Humanities and Social Science fields, we organize networking events, research study, face-to-face interviews, and cultural exchange projects.

This includes art or music partnerships, project volunteerism, public discussions, seminars and lectures.


5 Reasons to book your ACCRA [dot] ALT Tour now.

  • We provide a secure and easy travel experience. Our guests are assured of comfort and safety while in Ghana.
  • We have an extensive network of creative and professional resources at hand. As creative professionals with local and international expertise, we have access to a diverse range of persons and resources.
  • Our tours are innovative, entertaining and informative. ACCRA [dot] ALT provides a unique and spectacular travel experience to visitors. We regularly host art festivals, public dialogues, film screenings, and music concerts.
  • When you tour with us, you are contributing to the further development of arts in Ghana. As a social enterprise, our primary goal is to create art programming by and for young people. 50% of each tour funnels back into our art programming.
  • The coolest tours in Ghana. Build long-lasting networks, schedule annual or bi-annual vacations to Ghana, and return to Ghana again and again.