Culture is a critical motor of sustainable development for the continent.

Emerging artists provide a fresh lens on the state of Africa through film, music, fashion, design and performing arts.


Therefore, we articulate an alternative vision of Africa by a creative and eclectic corps of young people.

These social engineers are also invested in transforming their communities by creating imaginative solutions to the problems of poverty, unemployment, and miseducation.

Through ACCRA [dot] ALT artists work together to share ideas, innovate new projects and build international alliances that support the growth of more flexible communities in Ghana.


The mission of ACCRA [dot] ALT is to provide professional opportunities for Ghanaian artists to:


Showcase work locally and internationally

Sharpen skills for the world stage through workshops, projects and exchanges

Make a livable wage from the sale of their crafts


We also contribute to a cultural renaissance in Ghana by collaborating with like-minded organizations on program activities, including performances, talks, workshops, artist residencies, exhibitions, film screenings and more.